FREE Antenatal Classes for new parents

We are excited to be able to offer FREE antenatal classes for a limited time, for parents wanting to book an antenatal class in September or October!

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If you would like to be the first to have a peek at The Parents Class midwife-led antenatal classes, before we start our national rollout. Please
follow this link to register for a place using code TPCS at check out, all we are asking is your review and snapshots of your experience in return. 

The Parents Class antenatal courses, taught by midwives, have been designed to teach parents about pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood from an evidence-based approach.

We believe expectant parents should have the knowledge and confidence to make their own informed decisions without agenda or bias. Providing the latest evidence on topics such as fetal monitoring, optimal cord clamping, infant feeding, upright birthing, stem cell banking and more.

Classes are delivered by a team of experienced midwives and cover a wide range of topics, including:

Health and wellbeing

Planning for birth

Giving birth

Preparing for first 72 hours

Infant feeding

Postnatal care and wellbeing

All classes are held in wonderful venues, so you can fully relax and immerse yourself in your learning and making new friends too. Finding a group of like-minded local friends with babies due around the same time is one of the reasons many people join antenatal classes. 

In addition to our classes we have an online community where you can meet, chat, pre-read and join topic based groups, join here

Limited spaces are available! Secure your free place today.

The Parents Class

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