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Pelvic floor healthcare course
Monday 14th January 2018
10am at the old Beddington village library, opposite The Plough pub.

Reviews by Local Mums for previous course:
"I would definitely recommend women to undertake this course which has been very useful and revealing"

"Amy made the sessions really interesting, relaxing and informative, so a special thanks for her patience and understanding"

"This course not only increased my awareness of my own pelvic floor area but by practising a whole range of exercises this has strengthened the whole pelvic area."

"I have more control with bladder and feel more confident going out and don’t feel I have to worry so much about where the nearest toilet is. Thank you Amy for you knowledge and help."

“I have found my pelvic floor again, yay!"

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Adore your pelvic floor programme
I have attended a national teaching programme with regards to the pelvic floor, where I am now recognised to present education in this field to the community. As an Adore Your Floor Coach, I offer courses to help restore/manage the common issues surrounding this sensitive area.

The programme is endorsed by the training provider PD:Approval and in addition The Register of Exercise Professionals recognise my training. The programme creator Louise Field works closely with Women's and Men's Specialist Pelvic Health Physiotherapist to ensure our teaching methods are currently up to date and follow NHS guidelines.


· The pelvic floor muscle

· How to engage the pelvic floor correctly

· Stress incontinence and the specific exercises to help prevent, manage and restore

· Urge, Urgency and Overflow incontinence and the specific exercises to help, manage and  

· 'Double Void' technique for incomplete bladder emptying problems

· Pelvic organ prolapse, the signs and symptoms of

· How to best avoid loading and worsening the condition

· The importance of pelvic floor exercises

· Bowel issues with regards to leakage

· The specific exercises to help improve this issue

· Avoiding or dealing with constipation

· How to pass a motion without straining

· Pelvic pain

· Exercises to avoid within a fitness programme when the pelvic floor is weak

· Exercise suitable to the pelvic floor needs

As you can see we cover a lot of issues. It is wonderful to see women gain a greater understanding of this taboo area and gain confidence after attending our 4 week face to face course. Our aim is to increase awareness and control for women in regards to continence and women's health.

Please feel free to look at the official Adore Your Pelvic Floor website: adore your floor PROGRAMME. 

Designed for everyone to raise awareness, manage or restore pelvic health and prevent future issues, whether you attend a gym or not.

Amy Trisnan
Tel: 07725349104


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