Language clubs

Local Mums recommend the best bilingual language clubs in our area


Arc En Ciel
After school clubs for 
French/bilingual Children 
Art, choir/ music and drama class 
All classes will be in French 
Clapham, Southfields, Putney, Wimbledon

Holiday clubs for native or near fluent children, aged 3-11
We offer an immersion program, packed with fun and educational activities, during half term and summer holidays. Activities will include : arts and crafts, bricolage/DIY, Singing workshop, musical workshop, fashion workshop, sports games and outdoor games. All drama and musical workshops will be led by a specialised instructor. All in French of course! 

First holiday clubs:
18-22 July, Clapham
25-29 July, Clapham/ Northcote rd area 
29 August- 2 September= to be confirmed
Monday-Friday 10-5pm 

Saturday French School, Wimbledon 
Programme Francais allégé 
Maternelle-CM2 + activités ludiques - Pour enfants bilingues/francophones
French curriculum for bilingual children + fun activities all in french- qualified native teachers 

Where: Wimbledon school
When:  From September, Sat 10-12
Who: Children 2-11 years old

Margot Ferry
0789 67 61 651

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