Branching out into Garden Maintenance with Berrie

Local Mum Inge Berrie created a successful garden design business in our area and is now expanding her business to cover garden maintenance

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Many of you will know Local Mum Inge Berrie as a garden designer who has successfully helped many mums in our area make their gardens more beautiful and family friendly.

Following on from the success of Berrie Garden design, Inge has decided to help local families with garden maintenance and has launched her new business Berrie Garden Design and Maintenance  to compliment the garden design service.

"I realised that everyone’s garden can look amazing if it is well maintained even without a professional design,” explains Inge. "I have joined up with a team of four local gardeners who are very talented and take great pride in their work.”

Inge and and her team work together to ensure the highest standard in garden maintenance, consulting with clients and encouraging any feedback to make sure they deliver an excellent service. 

“Lots of our clients lack the time and knowledge to maintain their gardens,” says Inge. “Busy family lives mean that most people just don’t get around to regular weeding and trimming to keep on top of the growth of the plants in the garden.” 

Inge’s design and horticultural qualifications and experience allows her to offer advice on all aspects of the garden. She can also purchase plants to fill neglected gaps in the garden, delivering and planting them for you to save time and effort. 

Inge and her team can help with mowing lawns, weeding, trimming shrubs and hedges and jet washing. The amount of time spent maintaining the garden is suited to the client’s budget and needs of the garden. Maintenance can be on a weekly, twice monthly or monthly basis. 

So if your garden is in need of some care and attention but you are short on time, give Inge a call to find out how she can help.

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Inge Berrie

Berrie Garden Design and Maintenance
Tel: 07913951307

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