Holiday coding camps

Local Mums recommend the best holiday coding camps in our area


“I highly recommend Cypher to Local Mums. My son was reluctant to go as he thought it would be boring but loved every second and came back with new found coding confidence. They even had time to play football outside so he was incredibly happy.” 
Rebecca Staniforth, Local Mum

“I  recommend Cypher to Local Mums. The coding camps are an imaginative way of engaging with the language of the future - learning code and so much more.”
Kate Fishenden, Local Mum 


This December at Cypher's "FuturePlay!" coding camp kids (5-12+) will explore ways of kicking out the plastic and re-imagining toys of the future - are they virtual? Are they plant-based?

Book now for innovation, creation and play beyond plastic! Use Local Mums Discount code "MUMS-15" for up to £75 off!

Cypher runs engaging and innovative holiday coding camps for 5-12+ years olds with enthusiastic and trained teachers, supported by top tech experts. Children learn coding with the emphasis on creativity and fun.

Cypher inspires children to learn the language of the future through creatively themed coding camps.

When your child leaves university they will be joining a very different world of work. Cars will be autonomous. AI will have replaced many existing jobs. The skills of value will be those that make us human: Creativity, collaboration, problem solving and communication...

Cypher’s creativity and coding camps approach learning through hands-on projects that capture children’s interests, exploring fashion, art and music, linking to programming code. This unique combination helps children become future ready.

Winter holidays 2019/2020 camps:

16 December - 20 December and beyond!
10:00am - 4:00pm
Finton House (171 Trinity Rd, London SW17 7HL)

16 December to 20 December
10:00am - 4:00pm
Putney High School (Junior School entrance, Lytton Grove, London SW15 6BH). 

Tel: 020 3005 2862

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