Battersea Park Welcomes London's Newest Padel Court

In an exciting development for sports enthusiasts, Padel has arrived to Battersea! Booking for this much anticipated facility at the Battersea Park Millennium Arena in the heart of the iconic South West London greenspace is available now!

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Battersea Park’s open air Padel courts will be a feature throughout summer and for those wanting play beyond Battersea Park they can head to the courts at Battersea Sports Centre.

If you’re hearing about Padel a lot lately that’s because it has been steadily gaining traction in London and across the UK in recent years. Padel, a sport that originated in Latin America, is a unique blend of tennis and squash and social appeal has seen a remarkable growing interest among sports enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds, and London, with its vibrant sports culture, has certainly witnessed a notable surge in the trending sport.

Its appeal, coming from its relatively low barrier to entry compared to other racquet sports i.e. it’s easier to play than its sister sports tennis and squash, as well as its compact court size makes it well-suited to urban environments like London, where space can be at a premium.

Padel is so fashionable currently that it already has an array of well-known players, including several notable figures who have been spotted enjoying a game, including Rafael Nadal, the Spanish tennis legend, his endorsement of padel has helped raise its profile, particularly in his native Spain. Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos both football stars from Spain, enjoy playing the sport with friends and teammates, showcasing the sport's appeal to athletes from all sorts of disciplines.

With its wide appeal, operating hours at both the Battersea venues have been tailored to accommodate local people’s varying schedules, with slots available from Monday to Friday, 7 am to 10pm and weekends 8am – 7pm. The pricing structure reflects Wandsworth’s commitment to inclusivity, with off-peak hours available at £32 per hour. For those unfamiliar with the sport or lacking equipment, padel bats and balls will be provided at reception. However, players are encouraged to bring their own gear if preferred.

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Still unsure if it’s for you? Here’s how it works:  
Padel is typically played in doubles on a court that is about a third of the size of a tennis court but with similar dimensions to a doubles badminton court.

The Court: Padel is played on an enclosed court with walls, usually made of glass or fencing. The court measures 10 meters wide and 20 meters long, with a net dividing it into two equal halves.

The Equipment: Players use solid paddles made of composite materials and hit a pressurized ball similar to a tennis ball but with less bounce.

Scoring: Padel follows a scoring system similar to tennis.

Winning Points: Points are won when the opposing team fails to return the ball within the boundaries of the court, hits it into the net, or commits a fault, such as touching the net or hitting the ball out of bounds.

Rotation: Players must rotate their positions after each point, with the server's partner taking the next shot.

Overall, padel is a fast-paced and dynamic sport combining elements of skill, strategy, and teamwork, super enjoyable for recreational players and highly competitive at the professional level. While padel may not yet be as ubiquitous as traditional sports like tennis or football in London, its growing presence and popularity indicate that it is well on its way to becoming a prominent fixture in the city's sporting landscape. As more people discover the playability and excitement of padel, its popularity is expected to continue to soar and as such we’re very excited to welcome the Battersea community to try it out with us from April 4th.

If getting a taster before committing to a court sounds good then the Battersea Park Millenium Arena Open Day could be for you; on Saturday 20th April from 8am-7pm there will be limited, free bookable slots with coaching hours as well as free play for all to try before you buy. So as spring is now sprung don’t miss out on the hottest sport of the year and grab your free spot.

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To book at Battersea Park Millenium Arena visit:

To book at the open day visit: and select 20th April to book your free slot

And at Battersea Sports Centre please visit:

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