Osteopathy and physiotherapy

If you are looking for an holistic approach to a health problem for you or your children osteopathy and physiotherapy is a great place to start. Here are Local Mums' recommendations for practitioners in our area.


"I highly recommend Ricky from 
The Surrey Osteopaths to Local Mums. His manner is very calming. After listening to my symptoms he set out a possible diagnosis which sounded absolutely correct. Ricky has found his true calling in this work. His treatment is very accurate but yet soothing. I had expected to be tugged, clicked and folded into more painful positions but was overjoyed when his treatment turned out to be very precise, gentle and highly effective. Ricky is a genius at what he does and is genuinely gifted. I would recommend anyone I know to seek treatment with Ricky, including my own children!"
Chiara Khan, Local Mum 

"I would highly recommend The Surrey Osteopaths to all Local Mums. We got in touch with Ricky after our health visitor suggested we visit a cranial osteopath to help with some of Olivia’s problems. Olivia was born six weeks early with a very low birth weight and had a lot of digestive problems, in particular wind and reflux. It was a stressful time as Olivia was in a great deal of discomfort and found it difficult to sleep for any sustained period of time. Ricky agreed to visit us at home as due to Olivia’s prematurity it was recommended that she stay at home for the initial few weeks.

At Ricky’s first visit he explained how he worked and what he would do with Olivia. As soon as he started the treatment Olivia immediately relaxed and definitely seemed to enjoy it, after the session she slept for the longest period to date. Ricky visited us several times to treat Olivia and she responded well each time, in a matter of a few weeks Olivia’s digestion improved dramatically and she was a happier more settled baby who slept more!

Ricky also helped us as parents and showed us how we could best help Olivia and how we could assist and comfort her when she was suffering. We would recommend Ricky whole-heartedly. Not only did he help us as a family but he works in a very sensitive and caring way. He is obviously experienced and passionate about what he does and this very much comes across. Ricky worked very flexibly with us and would respond at short notice and on a day off to see Olivia if necessary. Now Olivia is a happy 16 week old baby with healthy sleeping and eating patterns, Ricky has really helped Olivia to achieve this." 
Local Mum of Olivia, 16 weeks

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The Surrey Osteopaths
The Surrey Osteopaths is a local osteopathy and physiotherapy company which has a reputation for relieving people of all ages from their aches and pains in the quickest time possible. We use our great knowledge of the human body to treat the problem area and what effects it might have on different parts, i.e. being holistic.

We have specialist clinics that focus on diagnosing and treating the following:

Cranial Osteopathy: We treat infants for problems ranging from difficult deliveries (from Ventouse and forceps), constipation, trouble winding and irritability.

Sports Injury Clinic: We treat a wide range of injuries from all sports. We use specific orthopaedic tests which give definite diagnoses and can then work out the correct treatment plans. Our focus on stretches, exercises and rehabilitation are key to our success.

Occupational Health Injuries: These can be from using your body to work in a physically demanding job to being sat in front of a computer or in a car for most of your working day. These factors have a massive influence on your body’s posture and in turn can cause muscle imbalances which are one of the most common injuries we see.

Wear and Tear: Through time the body’s cartilage (which sits between all joints) can become worn leading to arthritis. This is common in many weight bearing joints such as; the hips, back, knees. It also is common in the intricate joints of the body such as; the hands and feet. There is currently no cure but through individual case management we give great relief from the day to day pain and significantly improve the range of movement at the affected joint.

The Surrey Osteopaths
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