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"I highly recommend Doctor Bear workshops to all Local Mums. The Doctor Bear team recently did a bespoke course at my house for a small group of parents and au pairs. We looked at both minor and major injuries and I now feel so much more confident dealing with any scrapes my children may get into and making that all important decision about when a hospital visit is necessary. The practical sessions were great in making sure we all took on board exactly what to do it a child is choking or not breathing and the Dr Bear team were really clear in their advice. It was great to be taught by people who actually deal with medical emergencies on a daily basis and are not just quoting from a text book.”  
DR, Local Mum

"I recommend Doctor Bear workshops to Local Mums. Very informative and well organised and the content was pitched perfectly for us."
AW, Local Mum

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Doctor Bear
We are a group of Local Mums who are also Paediatricians. We run evening workshops for parents and carers of children to teach about childhood illness, how to manage accidents, injuries and administer first aid. All workshops involve practical hands on experience of managing emergencies such as choking. We also arrange bespoke courses for small groups with the option of choosing talks and practical sessions to suit the needs of the group.


Between us we have fifty years of paediatric experience and we all work in central London teaching hospitals. We care for children from newborn (including those born very early) up until teenagers ready to leave school. We are all mothers and have 8 children between us from a few months to 6 years old. We know how scary it can be to look after our own children when they are ill and recognise that there can be a lot of information that is not always correct available to anxious parents and carers. Our aim is to provide up to date and correct medical information in a way that is easy to understand and remember. Our workshops cover topics that we think are important and our friends have told us they wanted to know about.


There are currently three different workshops to book on to:

Common childhood illness

Accidents, injuries and first aid

Baby Bears (for under 1y)

We look forward to meeting you on our next course! Visit our website for more information 

Doctor Bear

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