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Local Mums recommend the best yoga and pilates classes in our area


“I highly recommend Stretch Breathe Smile to all Local Mums. I have found in Corrie somebody very positive and with a  joy for life. As a professional she is really a very competent professional but at the same time with excellent understanding about the needs and limits of each of her clients."
Elizabeth, Local Mum

“I highly recommend Stretch Breathe Smile to all Local Mums. As a Pilates newby I was slightly apprehensive going to my first class with Corrie but I really enjoyed the classes and immediately signed up for a course.  I also signed up for her yoga classes having not set foot in a yoga studio for over 10 years.  From Corrie’s easy going manner to her correction of postures I feel in safe hands. Corrie gets you to push yourself a little bit further. I can already feel I am walking taller and can almost touch my toes again!"
Adrienne, Local Mum


Stretch Breathe Smile
Stretch Breathe Smile believes you should wake up in the morning feeling pretty darn fantastic. Every morning. That's our business, making you happy, healthy and hunky.  Simple!

Let's face it, you're pretty unique and one size really doesn't fit all, so we have a pick 'n' mix menu to keep you sweet:

Private sessions
Group classes
Personal training
Online training
Group yoga and pilates classes

Currently we have group classes in a lovely studio in Putney, a short stroll from the river.  We hold a variety of yoga and pilates classes at Martial Fitness, including affordable community classes and boutique small group classes, which has a lovely open plan studio with natural light pouring in and plenty of other great classes available including Kick Boxing, Self Defence and Boxfit.  We can also cater for private one-to-one and small group sessions here.

We have all the equipment you need, so you can borrow our yoga mats free of charge!

Your first class is only £5, so get in touch and get started today.

Private sessions
Get exactly what you want, when you want it, on your terms. You can focus on just PT, yoga or pilates or mix it all up into one glorious fitness mish mash! 

Sessions can be in one of our studios in Fulham or Putney, in your home, work or in the great outdoors.

Corrie McCallum
Stretch Breathe Smile
Tel: 07400 37 47 37
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