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"I highly recommend Verdant Edge Garden Services. Richard is a brilliant Gardener, totally professional and keeps the garden looking tidy and clean. He knows a lot about plants and is really helpful in identifying plants and explaining how to look after them.”
Judith, Local Mum

"I highly recommend Verdant Edge Garden Services. Richard provided invaluable assistance when I bought my new home. While the garden was already established, I lacked the time and knowledge to properly care for it.”
Sarah, Local Mum

"I highly recommend Verdant Edge Garden ServicesIve always loved tending to my garden, but as I've gotten older, it became more challenging to keep up with the work. Verdant Edge Garden Services has been an absolute blessing!
Jean, Local Mum and OAP

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Verdant Edge Garden Services
Verdant Edge Garden Services is owned by Richard, who is based in Carshalton, Surrey. After working in the music industry's technology sector for several years, he followed his passion for gardening. Richard's mother taught him horticulture at a young age, emphasizing the significance of nurturing plants in harmony with the earth and attracting beneficial insects.


We prioritise Eco-friendly gardening whenever feasible. We can provide recommendations on plants that enhance the natural environment of your garden and explain how beneficial insects can maintain its health. Our Border Refresh service can revamp your garden, adding a year-round colour that pleases you and invites nature to your doorstep.


Pristine Pruning
Perfect your plants with our pristine pruning service. We expertly trim and shape your garden's greenery to promote healthy growth and maintain an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Bringing nature to your garden has never been easier.

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Wonderful Weeding
Wipe out unwanted weeds with our wonderful weeding service. Our team meticulously removes invasive plants to ensure your garden stays healthy and beautiful. Enjoy a weed-free space that enhances the natural beauty of your garden.

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Nurturing Nature
Nourish your garden with our nurturing nature service. We provide specialised care for both indoor and outdoor plants, including fertilising, watering, and overall plant health maintenance. Let us bring the essence of nature to your garden with our expert touch.

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Richard Skidmore
Verdant Edge Garden Services
Tel: 07764578770 
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