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Local Mums recommend the best coding clubs in our area


"I highly recommend Code Ninjas to Local Mums. The staff are all friendly and great with the kids. Of all the after-school activities my daughters do Code Ninjas is by far their favourite and I love that they're learning a skill that will be very helpful to them in the future.”
Elizabeth, Local Mum

"I recommend Code Ninjas to Local Mums. The directors know the kids and really care for them. Senseis are super smart and the most amazing role models for the younger ones. They go out of their way to stretch the children and ensure they understand what they are doing. The children learn at their own pace but always want to do more. Everyone is kind and helpful.”
Elena, Local Mum

"I highly recommend Code Ninjas to Local Mums. My son loves Code Ninjas. We used to have a big problem with his concentration however since he started Code Ninjas he’s shown huge improvement and concentrates on trying to succeed.” 
Nadine, Local Mum


Code Ninjas Epsom 
Code Ninjas Epsom is now open. Code Ninjas is a coding centre for kids ages 5-14. Kids build video games, learn to code and have a blast! 


At our centres, kids learn to code while building their own video games. They gain problem solving, critical thinking, and STEM skills in a fun, safe, and inspiring environment. Our flexible coding programs make it easy on parents with convenient drop-in hours on weeknights and weekends.

Set up by a local Epsom resident with two young children, Code Ninjas Epsom aims to give Epsom's youngsters access to a world where kids make the code! Up until Code Ninjas Epsom fully opens parents can register for the monthly Create program at discounted rates.

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Grand Opening
On May 7th we are holding our Grand Opening. It will start at 10am and close at 2pm. Local parents are invited to bring along their kids and check out the dojo. We will also have a wide range of older gaming systems set up that the visitors can play on at the ‘Inaugural Annual Epsom Retro Gaming Expo’. The idea is that the mums and dads can show their kids the kind of games they played. The Mayor and Local MP have both confirmed they will attend. If my PR company hasn’t invited you yet, you are very welcome to come along.

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Half Term Camp
During the summer term half term, we will be running a day camp on Stop Motion Animation – it will run from Mon 30th May to Fri 3rd June from 9am to 3pm. This could be very useful for working parents that need somewhere to park the kids for the week. The course is also going to be great fun.

Local Mums Discount
As a Local Mums member you can unlock a discount. Contact Lee Richards directly and mention Local Mums to access the Create program for just £132 per month. The Create program provides two contact hours per week. Across the year that equates to an hourly cost of about £15.84. Compared to the Standard price, the Founding Families discount will save you more than £200 annually which works out at roughly a month and a half for free.

For all ninjas there is a one-off registration fee of £50.

There is also a ten percent discount on the registration fee and the monthly pricing for sibling ninjas.

Centre Director, Lee Richards, has also asked for your feedback on the coding Camps you would like to see running during school holidays. You can vote for the camps you like best by adding comments or ‘Likes’ to the videos posted here on Code Ninjas Epsom on Facebook

Job opportunities
Code Ninjas Epsom are also recruiting Senseis to guide ninjas in their coding quests. The Code Ninjas Sensei job opportunity is open for anyone that is looking for one or more, three or four hour shifts per week to encourage, support, and motivate ninjas developing their basic coding skills and earning their belts.

It is highly desirable for applicants to have some knowledge of Scratch, Minecraft, Roblox but if the applicant can pick things up quickly, they will be able to meet the demands of the curriculum through the training provided. Successful applicants will find they have a fun, relaxed working environment with tonnes of opportunities to gain experience. They will also have the chance to earn more by focussing on specific topics by becoming a Lead Sensei and/or by running camps during school holidays.

Any Local Mums who have kids that they feel could benefit from such an opportunity should encourage their kids to email The email should contain a short overview of the applicant's experience with coding, their experience of working with 5 to 15-year-olds in a role of responsibility and their GCSE results. I would also like to know what they are currently doing whether it be A-Levels, a college course or something else. Applicants should also include some sentences that help me to get a sense of their personality by indicating their likes and dislikes and their proudest moments.

Lee Richards
Code Ninjas Epsom
Tel: 01372 238339
Code Ninjas Epsom on Facebook

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