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Local Mums recommend the best fitness, Yoga and Pilates classes in our area


“I highly recommend Concept 3 Movement to all Local Mums. I started taking Yoga classes to improve my flexibility, to de-stress from hectic routines and build up strength and help with a knee injury from running. Patricia makes every class bespoke to you and takes time to explain moves when you are more or less a complete beginner. Her classes are very enjoyable and I couldn’t recommend them more.” 
Michelle, Local Mum

“I highly recommend Concept 3 Movement to all Local Mums. I joined the Pilates classes on the advice of a physiotherapist. I was suffering from arthritic hip joints and sciatica. Within months my muscle tone and core strength had improved to the extent that walking was no longer a problem. With continued regular classes I have not looked back. The exercises are modified to suit individuals and I always come away feeling re-energised. Lily is an excellent and inspiring instructor.”
Jill, Local Mum


Concept 3 Movement
Concept 3 Movement is a small independent holistic and well-being exercise studio offering a range of movement based therapies. Our three main areas of focus are in Pilates, Yoga and Personal Training. The name was a conceptual idea born out of the fact that every holistic and well-being goal starts with movement and in particular three dimensional movement patterns. At Concept 3 Movement, we use three individual disciplines to advocate our ethos – Pilates, Yoga and Personal Training. Whether your goal is to increase the amount of miles you walk per week, or to develop core strength, improve your posture or to get rid of a few extra pounds we will endeavour to help and guide you to your goals. Our maxim and ethos is very much client focus. Guiding each individual to achieve their holistic health potential by empowering them to feel purposeful and valued through movement.

Concept 3 Movement Studio Director, Chucks Onwere, has over 16 years experience in the fitness and well-being industry. Having left school with no formal qualifications, and by his own admission he found things outside the classroom window more interesting than events taking place inside, he realised also that he learns, retains information and educates differently. It was this appreciation of the differences in the way individuals educate that would later serve him in understanding how each individual client would receive information differently. Subsequently the information presented to a client would have to be received in a manner that would yield reciprocal benefits for both trainer and client.

Monday Pilates at 7pm

Tuesday Pilates at 11.30am

Thursday Pilates at 11.30am

Thursday Pilates at 6.30pm

Thursday Yoga at 7.45pm

Saturday Pilates at 10.30am.

The first class for Local Mums is free. All you need to do is register your details online at: and let Chucks know at which class you would like to attend.

Chucks Onwere
Tel: 07915 771 771

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