Welcome to our blog for Local Mums Online on eco issues.  Our aim is to suggest small ways Local Mums can help the environment that make a big difference.


Summer is now upon us….(well, in theory anyway) and so soon will the Summer holidays.  Great fun but if you’re struggling to find something to do, why not start growing at home?  You can keep the kids entertained, while growing fresh healthy food.

Our suggestions for growing:

Lettuce likes part shade and moist soil, especially during the first two weeks. The seeds will germinate in 7-10 days. Cut instead of pulling and you may get a new lettuce leaves from the stump.

Sow outside: March - August, spacing 30cm x 20cm 

Harvest: May to October

Another quick grower, 
generally easy and not fussy about conditions and the leaves are edible too.

Sow outside: Feb-Sept, thinly in rows 15cm apart, thinly 1cm deep every 10-14 days

Harvest: May - October

Peas need warm, moist soil to thrive.
 When it gets too warm, they stop producing.  Sow in a 15cm wide, flat bottomed drill, 5-8cm between seeds. Leave 60cm between rows.

Sow outside: For a succession of peas, sow at two-week intervals until mid-summer

Harvest: Harvest peas when they're bright green. Light-coloured or shriveled pods mean peas are past their prime


Don’t forget when planting, you don’t just have to stick to the pot.  There are lots of fun alternatives:

  • Old shoes
  • Wheelbarrows
  • Bins    
  • Suitcases
  • Old outside toys (such as the broken car in the garden, missing a wheel for the past two years….)

The list is almost endless! So why not have a go and see what you can grow?

About EcoLocal:

EcoLocal develops and delivers a broad range of environmental sustainability services designed to help people move toward more pro-environmental behaviours. Our services cover:

- local food, health, transport, energy, waste minimisation,

- community engagement, consultation and research,

- training and facilitation and event management.

We deliver our services both through the EcoLocal charity as well as through the EcoLocal Services Ltd social enterprise.

Based in Carshalton in South London, our projects and services are designed to engage, and be accessible to, local communities. EcoLocal recognises that there is not a single “community”, but a diverse range of local communities. We reflect this in our approach.

We are keen to develop links with statutory organisations and others in the region working toward low carbon and sustainable communities.

Please call 020 8770 6611 and ask for the Director or Deputy Director to discuss how we can help you.

Registered charity number is 1087782, registered company (England and wales) number 4137305. EcoLocal is the working name of the Centre for Environmental Initiatives

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