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"I highly recommend Weight Watchers to all Local Mums. I started Weight Watchers back in September. I love the group and the friendship building. With their support I’ve managed to lose a stone. The coach Josie Hunt has been a great support even on the weeks the weight stayed the same, always encouraging me to return the next week with hope.”
Angela Lock, Local Mum

"I recommend Weight Watchers to Local Mums. I have been attending Weight watchers for the past ten months and totally love the social life at our group. I think that is what helped Josie settle in as a Coach. She brings tips, advice and a new style of social life to the group and it is growing every week with new members. Our group is fantastic, the best group to be in!"
Fatima Saharaui, Local Mum

"I highly recommend Weight Watchers to Local Mums. I have been coming to Weight Watchers for nine months now. I really enjoy the social aspect of it; the people are supportive and friendly. The recipes are a great help and I have almost lost two stone! I really love the group and the Coach Josie is supportive and helpful.” 
Lin Hester, Local Mum

"I recommend Weight Watchers to Local Mums. I started on the plan on the 1st September 2016 as part of a 12 week funded programme and was introduced to a new way to manage my poor relationship with food – the Weightwatchers Ap. I have tracked every day since, even over Christmas, New Year and my birthday! By working to the principle that there is nothing that I cannot eat, I now enjoy what I eat based on active choices and  have lost a total of 4s 6lb to date. Josie is an amazing and supportive coach who takes the time to understand the levels of support necessary to motivate and encourage people as individuals. Her mantra is a bad day does not have to result in a bad week.”
Denise Clements, Local Mum


Weight Watchers
I joined Weight Watchers in January 2012 as I could not shift the remainder of my baby weight. I had met a new mum who had lost all of her weight through Weight Watchers. I followed the plan and found it really easy and hit my goal weight within two months. 

Staying at my goal weight was the tricky bit so I learned that I had to embrace a healthy lifestyle instead and continue to weigh in regularly to stay at the weight I am happy at. I lost 30lbs and have pretty much stayed at this weight for over five years. The biggest difference that this has made to me is learning about filling and healthy foods and knowing what to do to stay where I am.

Josie Hunt
Weight Watchers
Tel: 07841613060
Email: jhunt@weight-watchers.co.uk

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