A spa that comes to you

Spa By Car offers the ideal solution for busy mums - beauty treatments in the comfort of your own home


Spa By Car is a fabulous concept that is perfect for mums: a spa exerience that comes to you. If you struggle to leave the house some days due to the demands of looking after little ones, or working from home, Spa By Car takes the pressure right off and adds some first class pampering at the same time.

Sometimes it’s great to have a pedicure without having to find and book a salon, get there and worry about parking or smudging your nails on the way home, not to mention avoiding a common complaint with salons - all the fumes you inhale while you are there; not great if you are pregnant or with a baby. Spa By Car takes from just 30 minutes out of your busy schedule for gorgeous nails or a relaxing treatment and you don’t have to leave your home! 

Spa By Car’s highly qualified therapists offer over 50 different mobile beauty and spa treatments from bronzing to make up, facials to threading and promise to "transform the way you feel about yourself. On the outside you will be re-beautified. On the inside you will feel more relaxed and more like ‘you.’” Sounds good to us! And because Spa by Car comes to you, the only time you have to lift a finger is to have it manicured…Perfect for busy mums! 

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Spa By Car
Tel: 020 7209 2396
Email: info@spabycar.com 


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