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March 2023

What do we think of breakfast?

Are you struggling for energy? 

Lots of things can affect a person’s energy levels. In this instance, we’re going to discuss low energy which is caused by a poor breakfast. 

So, why does breakfast affect energy for the rest of the day? 
How you start your day is incredibly important. It impacts how much control you have over your cravings and therefore over your food choices.

A breakfast which consists of refined carbohydrates (breads, cereals, sugary stuff), will start your day by spiking blood sugar levels. Your body’s response to that, is to produce insulin. 

After an insulin spike, your body will be sent into a state of flux for the rest of the day. You burn through that insulin very quickly, causing a dip in blood sugar levels and leaving you more hungry throughout the day. 

This means you’ll eat more and have less control over your food choices!

Also, because your energy is then driven by insulin, you will experience energy slumps and lethargy throughout the day. 

For many, skipping breakfast results in something similar. You just invert the start of your day, meaning that you put your body into a state of starvation and entirely deplete the insulin levels. This can then lead to cravings and give you little control over your food choices. 

So, how can breakfast give you more energy?
A healthy balanced breakfast will keep your insulin levels in their happy place. This is the best way to keep you feeling fuller for longer! It will take away your cravings for sugar, and most importantly, turn your body to it’s fat stores for energy.  

What can we do to help?
Firstly, your nutritional consultant will look at your history and get a complete picture of you and your lifestyle. We’ll look at your daily intakes and what you are regularly consuming. 

After that, we will begin to paint a full picture of your nutrition and health, and fully understand your relationships with food. We can then look to align your nutrition compositions with your body type, height, age and goal- and help you achieve optimum health and nutrition. 

We often hear from clients that implementing changes is the most difficult thing. That’s why we will support you and develop a plan for how best to implement the changes we suggest, you help you stick to them long-term! 

Is your baby showing signs of being unsettled?
A baby being unsettled can sometimes look like: thrashing at night, general unsettledness/uncomfortableness, pulling legs up to the tummy and disrupted sleep.

Unsettledness may be a result of a feeding-related issue like tongue tie, which can impact breast feeding. Other reasons include: taking in air when feeding, poor latch, allergies, intolerances, restrictions in the neck and the birthing process.

Osteopathy can help!
Firstly, cranial osteopaths take a complete case history. We’ll want to hear about your child’s birth, their development and of course, their symptoms. Following this, we’ll assess if your baby has accommodated the birth process well, or if there is a legacy from that event.

As osteopaths, we can identify key areas of dysfunction and anomalies within your child’s body. We assess how comfortable the cranial bones feel (do they need support in moulding). We also look at feeding mechanisms, examine the gut and much, much more!

Your osteopath will use a gentle treatment approach called Cranial Osteopathy to improve tongue mechanics. They will also loosen any neck restrictions and work on the diaphragm and thorax - which helps the pressure within the torso. These treatments also help to regulate your baby’s nervous system and will improve alignment and their ability to rest.

About Marie

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Marie has a Masters degree from the British School of Osteopathy (now renamed UCO). 

She also undertook post graduate training in Cranial Osteopathy with Sutherland Cranial College. Marie was awarded a diploma in Paediatric Osteopathy from the Foundation of Paediatric Osteopathy and continues to volunteer within the children’s clinic (The Osteopathic Centre for Children). Marie’s qualifications, along with her lived experience as a mother, have enabled her to develop into a highly skilled and highly empathic children’s Osteopath.

Marie is also an APPI Pilates Instructor and is presently undertaking continued studies in Women’s Health with Mummy M.O.T. She is a registered Osteopath with both the General Osteopathic Council and the Institute of Osteopathy.

Prior to becoming an Osteopath, Marie was an Occupational Therapist and has always had a desire to treat patients holistically. Marie covers environmental, nutritional, & mental factors as well as the physical aspects of care. 

It is Marie’s mission and philosophy to help relieve symptoms and to restore balance and function within the body by adopting a natural and holistic approach, so you can continue to enjoy the freedom of physical movement. 

Marie Pitchie-Cooper
Body Zest
Tel: 01737 373684

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