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"I highly recommend OpenRabbit to all Local Mums. Wendela is a great coach who has helped me find the courage to follow my dream and and set up my own business. It has made me so happy to finally do what I have always wanted to do.”
Helen, Local Mum

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OpenRabbit provides
 personal and business coaching to people who are looking for a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

Originally from the Netherlands, I have 25 years of international corporate experience as an HR professional (UK, Netherlands, Taiwan, Japan). As an HR Director for a global professional services firm I provided business coaching to executives and managers and career coaching to new graduates. I have also provided life coaching to individuals at a point in their lives where they had lost focus and needed to rethink their goals.

Apart from my background in business I am also a mother of three teenagers. Over the years there were occasions when I felt that I had to change direction, refocus and find a new purpose. I have always found it very useful to seek the help of a professional coach to guide me towards that next step. I can recommend it!

Education and training
I have a master’s degree in sociology from the University of Amsterdam. In addition to internal coaching training at the international firms I worked with I was trained by the Coaches Training Institute in 2007.

OpenRabbit, why the name and logo?
When I set up my company in 2006, I was struggling with finding a name that reflected what I did. All the names I came up with sounded so boring! Then my husband questioned why the name had to reflect my type of work. And that is when I thought of ‘OpenRabbit’. Why?

When my twin daughters were about four years old they used to come to our bedroom on a lazy Sunday morning and offered to open the curtains. They were speaking in Dutch and instead of saying ‘curtains’ (gordijnen) they said ‘rabbits’ (konijnen). Just a few letters’ difference but not quite the same meaning, as I explained to my husband who does not speak Dutch. From then onwards we talk about ‘open the rabbits’ when we open our curtains.

For my company logo my Japanese mother-in-law, who was a very creative person, drew the picture of a rabbit opening curtains. I wanted to embed my experiences in Japan in the presentation of my company and I decided to use the style of a Japanese seal (hanko). Every Japanese adult owns a hanko and it is used as a formal personal signature. Companies also have a hanko to sign official documents. Whenever I look at my company logo I remember the very special life and work experiences that I gained during my time in Japan.

Wendela Elsen
Leadership coach
Tel: 07544 431 222

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