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Local Mums recommend the best pest control companies in our area


"I highly recommend Environ Pest Control to Local Mums. Their service is excellent and they are very helpful. We have not had any mice since.” 
Kathy, Local Mum

"I recommend Environ Pest Control to Local Mums. They are very friendly and helpful. They were very quick and good at the job. They explained how the extermination was going to go. I am very pleased with the service!”
Madison, Local Mum

"I highly recommend Environ Pest Control to Local Mums. We’d been really messed around by another pest control company. After weeks of worry, five minutes with the guys from Environ made us feel like we were in safe hands. We have had no problems with pests since!”
Helen, Local Mum

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Environ Pest Control

Your partner in a pest-free environment
At Environ Pest Control
 we are a family-operated business rooted in trust and community values, dedicated to serving South West London. When you visit us or explore our website, you'll meet the same friendly, professional team you'll interact with during service. We pride ourselves on our cohesive, in-house team that never outsources work. We're all committed to excellent service and tangible results.

We are fully qualified members of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) and fully insured, ensuring that every service we provide is not only effective but also meets the highest standards of safety and professionalism. Our approach goes beyond standard procedures; we engage personally with you to fully understand your situation and tailor our solutions to fit your unique needs. As a local London company with extensive experience, we have successfully managed pest challenges in diverse residential settings, ensuring each home remains a safe, comfortable environment.

We've been recognised on television, radio, and in newspapers for our expert knowledge in pest management and ecology, making us a trusted name in the industry.

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Comprehensive property care services
We offer more than just pest control; our services extend to drainage, damp proofing, roofing, and restoration work. Whether you're facing urgent drainage blockages, combating damp issues like condensation, black mould, and rising damp, or need reliable roofing repairs and restorations, our skilled team is equipped to handle all aspects of property maintenance. Enjoy seamless, high-quality service from start to finish with just one contract and one price.


Responsive emergency services
Facing an immediate pest issue, like mice in the kitchen, or an emergency drainage problem? We provide same-day services for urgent residential needs. Our unique solutions, including the deployment of a highly-trained rat-catching dog, ensure rapid response and effective results, keeping your home safe and pest-free.

Trust Environ Pest Control to maintain the integrity and comfort of your space with our expert, compassionate services.

Environ Pest Control
Tel: 0203 875 8225

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