The Railway Children

With a real steam train on stage near King’s Cross station, Mike Kenny’s adaptation of E Nesbit’s novel has thrilled children, parents and grandparents alike


“My seven year old James nearly self-combusted with excitement when the 60 tonne-steam engine chuffed on to the stage in a vision of smoke, steel, green paint and polished brass at the specially made theatre for Mike Kenny’s adaption of The Railway Children at King’s Cross station. Looking round the railway station auditorium I could see delighted grandparents on their birthday treat and dads with a tear in their eye along side the many super-excited children. I was waiting for the part of the story that I knew would give me a lump in my throat: the famous scene where Bobbie sees “Daddy, My Daddy!” for the first time after he returns from a long separation. This is a fabulous adaption of the much-loved novel by E Nesbit. Of all the pop-up venues that theatre has graced in London in recent years, a real-life railway station has to be one of the most impressive and does not fail to delight audiences of all ages. A real treat for all the family!”
Kathy McGuinness, Local Mum of four

The Railway Children is playing at Kings Cross Theatre. Book tickets here

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