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"I highly recommend Will Harvey Personal Training to all Local Mums.  I had very little experience of training before I started with Will and I had never had a personal trainer before. I was nervous that I wouldn't have the ability to do hit the goals that Will and I had settled on but I was wrong. 

Will was reassuring and gave constant encouragement throughout the process. He explained why we did every exercise and how it was helping me in my goals. After three months I did the first press up of my life and was so excited that I showed it off to my friends and my fiancé regularly. A month or so later I was able to do eight in a row! 

Will's patience and consistency with training and advice meant that I never missed a session even when we trained outside during the frosty days in winter. I soon noticed new definition and shape in my back which meant I bought new workout clothes that showed it off. It made me proud of what my body could do. 

I would highly recommend training with Will if you want someone that is as committed to your goals as you are!”

"I recommend Will Harvey Personal Training to Local Mums. I have had personal trainers before and have never really seen much progress. I approached Will while seeing him training another client and was impressed with how he talked and explained his session to his client. 

What struck me at first was the level of detail and professionalism that went with the initial consultation. He asked me questions I had never been asked before which meant I realised things about my own habits that I had never really addressed. 

Will constantly told me that my training was about progressing in every session and not about perfection. He noted down every exercise we did and how I had performed while doing it so that I always knew I was improving even when I thought I had a bad day. 

Within a month of the first session my wife told me how I was less stressed and more fun to be around and I attribute that to our training. I even felt like I had more energy at work too.

Training with Will helped me realise that there is far more to training than just getting tired and pushing myself as hard as possible every week. I really learned a lot."

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Will Harvey Personal Training 

Hi, I am Will.

I am passionate about health and fitness but I am also passionate enjoying my life while keeping fit. 

I offer a personal, tailored approach to training with each and every client to help them feel more confident, boost their energy, feel stronger in their body or simply feel happier about how they look.

People lead busy lives so I adapt my approach to suit you by building a picture of your lifestyle and your goals. This means we can design a plan that you both enjoy AND that gets you results. 

My background in sports science means I understand how to get you effective and sustainable results. My background in training means I know how we can have fun getting there too. 

To find out how I can help - call 07925 613227 or email

Will Harvey

Will Harvey Personal Training 
Tel: 07925 613227
56 Putney High Street

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