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Local Mum and doula Kirsty dispaired at some of the stressful parenting advice from so-called 'experts'. She was thrilled to discover a more realistic and calm approach with ToddlerCalm.


All mums have struggled with their toddlers at some time or other and the 'Terrible Twos' is famous for being one of the most challenging times for mums. If only it stopped when they turn three!

With support for mums being few and far between, many of us find ourselves resorting to the books of the so-called 'experts'. Desperate to know how we are supposed to deal with our wayward little ones, our book shelves are filled with their publications. 

So desperate are we to find a solution, we choose to overlook the fact that these 'experts' have no scientific research to back up their 'theories' - and they aren't even mothers themselves!

Strict behavioural techniques
Local Mum Kirsty, who worked as a doula, maternity nurse and nanny before having her first baby, felt uncomfortable using some of the strict behavioural control methods often advocated by these 'baby experts.'

"Toddlers can be a real challenge from tantrums to picky eating, clingy behaviour to sleep problems," explains Kirsty. "Sometimes parents don’t know what to do to make things better. Support is patchy and often relies on strict behavioural techniques such as ‘time out’ and ‘naughty steps’ which can often make parents and toddlers feel even more stressed."

"I felt uncomfortable imposing these theories on my own children," explains Kirsty "I knew that their methods were contrary to everything I had observed in working with babies and children and they now went against all my natural instincts as a mother."

First baby blues
Like most mothers, Kirsty struggled with her first baby, Grace, despite all her experience as a doula and maternity nurse. "Before I had her, due to my years of experience with other babies, I was not worried about issues post labour.  But then I found how hard it is with your own children."

Kirsty trained as a BabyCalm teacher and found the knowledge that she learned key in understanding what Grace was experiencing. Kirsty found the tools invaluable in empowering her as a mother, effectively calming her baby. Kirsty then trained as a ToddlerCalm teacher and found the insight into toddlerdom from a child's perspective amazing. 

"I really wanted to assist mothers that I feel are pressurised by Society about what is seen to be correct," explains Kirsty. The reason Kirsty studied BabyCalm and toddlercalm was for this very reason. 

"The question from day one is: How 'good' is your baby? Translated into: How much time will your baby or toddler spend quietly on their own detached from another human being? If they don't sleep to schedule they are regarded as a 'bad' baby."

"I want to empower women to effectively parent their babies and toddlers with knowledge of their developmental psychology and not be bullied by Society's expectations or rigid 'routine writers.'"

Calm and loving
ToddlerCalm classes and workshops are suitable for all parents of toddlers aged between one and three years old. 

"We aim to help parents foster harmonious relationships with their toddler," says Kirsty. "We help parents to understand their toddler and use this knowledge to help their toddler to be calm and contented, which in turn leads to happier parents too!"

"I love the fact that I can share these courses with other parents," says Kirsty. "ToddlerCalm classes empower them to effectively and gently parent with confidence with the knowledge these courses gives them. It is truly amazing and a privledge to watch parents grow and embrace thieir babies and toddlers in a calm and loving way."

So if you are looking for a realistic approach to parenting your toddler from someone who understands what you are going through, give Kirsty and ToddlerCalm a call.

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For details of your local classes and workshops contact:
Kirsty Nelson
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