12 Week online Mind Over Food Method

Local Mum and nutrition coach Angelika Cutuk-Short tells us about the successful weight loss programme she founded called the Mind Over Food Method.

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Hello, I’m Angelika. Welcome to my 12 Week online Mind Over Food Method.

Diets Do Not Work! I help busy women to lose weight, eat healthy, feel confident and look good without giving up treats like bread, wine or chocolate.

I teach people through real-life examples how to eat healthy for their bodies, balance their hormones and metabolism so they can lose belly fat, get healthier and look and feel good without going hungry, counting points, or battling cravings so they can finally fit into those favourite jeans.

My clients learn how to nourish their body and mind, fix their relationship with food and love the skin they are in.

Bit about me:

I am a registered Nutritional Therapist (BSc and MSc) and certified Motivational Coach and I’ve worked in the nutrition industry since 2007. I am a regional ambassador for PHC (public health collaboration) a charity that works closely with the UK government and the NHS to reverse type 2 diabetes via food and behaviour changes.

Through my clinic, I have helped hundreds of private and corporate clients. I hold weekly nutrition sessions to corporate clients, done radio interviews and I’m nutrition editor for Local Mums Online where I nutritionally support over 20,000 mums.

My Mission: I absolutely LOVE my job! I love helping women to lose weight and feel good and healthy in their skin.

Answer the following questions to see if The Mind over Food Method is for you:

·       Have been struggling with your weight for some time?

·       Have you tried lots of things but failed to lose weight?

I am helping people who are ready to:

·       Stop Yo-Yo dieting and lose weight for good

·       Stop emotional eating

·       Conquer their cravings

·       Learn how to eat without feeling guilty every time you have a treat

·       Learn what and how much to eat for your specific body type

·       Create a positive relationship with food (food is a friend)

·       Identify the obstacles and challenges that are standing in the way of YOUR success

·       Identify self-sabotage in your head that keep you stuck

·       Stop doing things that don’t work!

·       Be coached and motivated regularly

·       Be ready to take imperfect actions – we all fail from time to time – and that’s ok

·       My clients lose on average 10-30 pounds in 3 months’ time

Please note: this is not a quick fix but a permanent solution to weight loss

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12- week Mind Over Food Method programme includes:


·       Online Access to the proven step-by-step weight-loss programme

·       Each of the 12 week modules has two or three 10-15 minutes audios to listen to with all relevant handouts

·       Weekly easy to do action tasks to complete - talk is cheap!

·       21 Day Meal plan + shopping list

·       Accountability and support to help you through the bumps include:

o   weekly group accountability calls to ask any questions – you never need to feel alone – I’m just email or phone call away…

o   3 x 1:1 consulations calls with me

·       Facebook Community support of like-minded woman to help you through the day

·       No second-guessing – you will know what to do and what to eat


The 12 modules + 3 Bonuses include:


Module 1: Tell me what is it that you want, what you really really want?

Lesson 1:  No excuses, Acceptance and Responsibility NEAR Principle and 80/20 Rule

Lesson 2: Set your goals right

Lesson 3: You are what you believe you are - how your beliefs affecting your weight


Module 2: What and how much you eat and drink does matter

Lesson 1:  Food diary and why is it important when losing weight

Lesson 2:  Portion size does matter We are how much we eat

Lesson 3:  Water and weight loss


Module 3: Understanding Carbs and Insulin and the effects of insulin on your belly fat

Lesson 1: Insulin – the main cause of sugar cravings and your weight loss struggle

Leson2: What are carbs? Which one to choose from to lose weight?

Lesson 3: How much carbs we should eat

Lesson 4: Sleep and weight loss


Module 4:  Understanding Proteins - Manage your protein intake to remove those chicken wings and saggy bottoms

Lesson 1: What are proteins and which ones to eat and how much to eat?

Lesson 2: Exercise and weight loss

Lesson3: Practice gratitude to lose weight successfully


Module 5. Understanding fats - Fats the misunderstood vital component of healthy living


Lesson 1: What is fat and Which fats to choose for better health?

Lesson 2: Why fats are not as bad as we thought they were

Lesson 3: Apple cider vinegar and why it’s good for the weight loss


Module 6: Meal planning and Food Shopping for your weight loss success

Lesson1: Why are meal planning and food shopping crucial to healthy weight loss

Lesson 2: How to do it right - meal planning and Shopping guide

Lesson 3: Herbs & Spices – how they can help to lose weight


Module 7: Why is fasting (NOT starving) a couple of days a week so good for you?

Lesson 1: What is Intermittent fasting –eating less few days a week

Lesson 2: Benefits of fasting

Lesson 3: 4x Different ways to do it right


Module 8:  Mindful Eating and how it will help you to stay fit for life

Lesson 1: My 5 Principles of mindful eating

Lesson 2: How mindful eating will help you to lose weight


Module 9: Stress, Emotional eating and Food Craving - how to change this?

Lesson 1: How stress (cortisol) is causing you to eat more and to get fat quick

Lesson 2: Emotional eating and how to stop it (insulin response)

Lesson 3: Food cravings and how to eliminate them


 Module 10: You are what you believe you are - how your beliefs affecting your weight

Lesson 1: How your beliefs are stopping you achieving your goals

Lesson 2: Bad food habits and how to change them

Lesson 3: How we learn new skills and the principles of NLP coaching


Module 11: Taking control of eating in restaurants + takeaways

Lesson 1: Why fast food and eating out has become a cultural norm

Lesson 2: What to choose differently when ordering in restaurants and takeaways

Lesson 3: Artificial sweeteners - why they are not a good solution


Module 12: Reflection time

Lesson 1: Reflect on the past 12 weeks to see what you’ve done and discuss how you will maintain the weight you’ve lost and changes that you’ve made

BONUS modules

1.     Alcohol alternatives for weight loss

2.     My simple supplement protocol (4 basic supplements)

3.     What type of Eater are you – Quiz and exercise

4.     21-Day Meal Plan

With Love and Empowerment, Angelika xxx

Angelika Cutuk-Short
Nutrition Coach
Nutrition In Mind
mobile: 07899948682
email: nutrition_in_mind@yahoo.co.uk

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About Angelika
In my late 20s I ended up four stones (over 20 kg) overweight and a McDonald’s junkie.

I was miserable. Truly miserable. I felt gross and I was ashamed of myself because I wasn’t able to lose weight. I felt trapped in my own body, I had massive emotional eating attacks with sweet stuff in particular (Snickers Bar – my kryptonite!)

I tried a lot of different things… you name it I tried it: Atkins, Keto, Cabbage Soup Diet, Slimming World, but nothing worked…

Correction… all of the diets worked for a couple of weeks, maybe a month, then they didn’t. I would gain all the weight back and a few extra pounds!

Why couldn’t I control my emotional eating? Why were my cravings so much stronger than me? How did my two best friends do it and I could not? What was wrong with me?

I was so confused about what to eat and what to do exactly. I even went to a doctor who prescribed Orlistat which just made me poo badly.

I knew there HAD to be an explanation, there HAD to be! Heaven knows I was ready for change.

Around the same time, my Dad was diagnosed with diabetes, I got super scared! The penny FINALLY dropped!  I decided to do something… enough was enough…I didn’t want to go the same way... and have to stick a needle in my stomach three times a day.

So I went back to school. I passed my Masters in nutrition and became a NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) behaviour coach.

After years of effort and much trial and error, I did it. I figured out how to break the cycle of yo-yo dieting, constantly thinking about food and I FINALLY got the dial on the scale to move in the right direction.  Now a few years later, marriage, kid – I am in the best shape ever -  perfect 10!

Since becoming a weight loss coach I’ve helped hundreds of private and corporate clients to do the same.

My mission is to inspire and motivate people like you to become the healthiest versions of themselves, build healthy relationships with food and lose weight for good so there are no more guilt trips after having your favourite foods (still burger for me), because eating should be a joyous thing.

My credentials:

A full-time weight loss coach, wife and a mum to an amazing girl

Fully registered MSc Nutritional Therapist (BANT, CNHC) working in the industry since 2007

Certified NLP (behaviour coach)

Regional ambassador for PHC (public health collaboration) charity that works closely with the UK government and NHS to reverse type 2 diabetes via food and behaviour changes

Nutritional consultant for 2 large corporate businesses

Nutrition editor for Local Mums Online 

London Marathon Runner

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