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“I highly recommend Dance Fitness With Saz to Local Mums. I always come away from Dance Fitness With Saz feeling so much better, I love the class even though my steps aren't always right! But it doesn't matter, we just have a laugh and exercise at the same time."
Sue, Local Mum

“I recommend Dance Fitness With Saz  to Local Mums. I’m glad to have found a local Fitsteps class! Saz is fantastic. I love the music and the dances and feel so energised after class."
Helen Local Mum

“I highly recommend Dance Fitness With Saz to Local Mums. Saz's class is a great, fun-filled way to exercise, led by a positively motivating instructor. A sure fire way to chase away those winter blues!"  
Nicola, Local Mum

“I recommend Dance Fitness With Saz  to Local Mums. Saz's Fitsteps is a great class!  Fun as well as good exercise.  No need to be step-perfect...we are all learning.  The Saturday morning class is just perfect.  Early enough to get the weekend off to a great start!”
Jenny, Local Mum

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Dance Fitness With Saz
I am a Level 2 Qualified Dance Fitness Instructor with a passion for dancing and fitness and the amazing positive impact it has on people's physical and mental health. 


I am introducing community classes to the areas of Reigate and Horley in the hope that more people can discover and benefit from adding my classes into their weekly routine.

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Sarah Davis
Dance Fitness With Saz
Tel: 07909 973286
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