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Local Mums recommend the best children’s art classes in our area

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“I highly recommend KidsArt! to Local Mums. Our six year old daughter truly enjoyed all seven classes and perceptibly developed her drawing and painting skills. We thank the KidsArt team for all their dedication and inspiration.
Elif, Local Mum

“I recommend KidsArt! to Local Mums. When I picked my son up after his first class he asked me to book all the rest of the holiday sessions with KidsArt. More recently he has also taken up the weekly sessions and last week he asked me if he could increase these to two!  Like most boys he loves his electronic toys but the environment KidsArt provides means that he has fun and learns and appreciates art and puts down his Nintendo etc. He also draws and creates at home independently to show to his teachers at school and KidsArt. He has already asked me for soft pastels. Barbara is a great inspiration to my son and I'm sure many other young minds judging by the number of children I see when I drop him off…”
Palvi, Local Mum

“I highly recommend KidsArtto Local Mums. My five year old daughter has done a number of holiday art classes at KidsArt and absolutely loves them. The atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming; she learns a lot about different artists and techniques and she comes home with some beautiful pieces of art.”
Gina, Local Mum

“I recommend KidsArt! to Local Mums. My eight year old daughter adores this class, and has been going for years. She produces really great work, inspired by artists, and has built up extensive knowledge and appreciation of all kinds of art. This is not a kids’ craft class but a properly technical, stimulating on-going course. KidsArt is an inspiration.”
Georgina, Local Mum

“I highly recommend KidsArtto Local Mums. My 10 year old daughter has been going for four years and absolutely loves the Sunday mornings and also the holiday three hour sessions.  I love it because of the total lack of judgement or competitiveness. KidsArt’s gentle way with them means they do learn but at the same time are free to express their own creativity in a way that's just joyful."
Felicity, Local Mum

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KidsArt! : art classes for children age 4-16 - term time weekly classes, holiday camps, parties, private tuition and more - now booking Summer term weekly classes!

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KidsArt! teaches art with art history gently woven in, at studios across London. Students develop their innate creativity, learn core art skills and how to use the elements of art. We use a wide variety of media and participants build both impressive portfolios of artwork and a wide knowledge of art history, learning to recognise artworks by a range of artists across a spectrum of times and cultures. 

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Recent projects have included William Morris style printing from collagraph boards that the children made, James Rizzi pop art cows, Byzantine mosaics, Louise Nevelson style junk sculptures and Grant Wood inspired landscapes.

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Launched in Finchley in 2011, with a mission to teach real art, KidsArt! has grown to 14 studios across London and Herts, has been featured on CBBCs Live Lessons and in The Guardian, and had children placed in the Royal Academy Young Artists’ Summer Show.

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Weekly KidsArt!  Saturday classes in Sutton:

Seears Park Nursery,
St Dunstan’s Hill,

(Entrance through Seears Park access road located immediately opposite Love Lane)


10.15am-11.15am (ages 4-8)

11.25am-12.25pm (ages 9-12)

12.35pm-1.35pm (ages 4-8)

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For more info please contact:
Call or message: 07827-275821

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