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With so many so-called 'experts' on the market claiming to solve your sleep dilemmas, Local Mums recommend approaches that actually work - and don't traumatise children or parents


"I highly recommend Little Sleepers to all Local Mums. Lyndsey was such a great help with our sleep troubles. She gave me confidence, perspective, and helped me to trust myself and my baby, bringing a new sense of peace, patience and hope to naptime and bedtime. After meeting with Lyndsey, my anxieties about sleep all but disappeared, and over the following days and weeks, our sleep troubles were greatly reduced. She really got to know me and my little one, and her suggestions were all tailored to our family. Lyndsey's solutions are very gentle, always practical, often creative and best of all, they're effective! Straight away, our bedtime routine was shorter and more peaceful. Within weeks, naps became longer and far less stressful, and my son started napping in his cot after previously only napping in my arms or his pram. Lyndsey really is wonderful, and I'm so grateful for her support."
Local Mum of 1 year old boy

"I recommend Little Sleepers to Local Mums. I was having terrible trouble with my 4 year old little girl. She started to scream and shout before every bedtime and for about 2 hours every evening she and I would be at loggerheads. It was so stressful! She would then only go to sleep fiddling with my tummy button! As if that wasn't enough she then woke several times a night, screaming for me and waking her little brother up. We ended up bringing her into our bed. I contacted Lyndsey feeling pretty hopeless and angry and it was like she had known us for years. She was so easy to talk to and I was amazed at how much we talked about - parenting, school, diet, the family dynamic, even her bedroom layout. She came up with several ideas that really involved my daughter. My little girl loved being part of it and really got into it. Within one week (!) we had no more screaming, no battles, a cooperative child and a very happy mummy!"
Local Mum of 4 year old girl

"I highly recommend Little Sleepers to Local Mums. I contacted Lyndsey when our little boy was 7 months old. Since moving house his sleep had become very difficult. He was waking a number of times every night and I always ended up feeding him back to sleep but sometimes it would be 2 hours before I could settle him. It was getting very tiring and frustrating! Lyndsey was a huge help to us. Her approach is so gentle and non-judgemental. She took the time to find out what our sleep goals were and gave such helpful advice. We started by tackling day time naps which has transformed our days and is beginning to impact on the night times too. Lyndsey encouraged us to take small steps so it wasn't overwhelming and it was such a relief after the endless advice I received to just let my baby 'cry it out'. I'm so grateful for the level of support and amazing advice I received and the positive impact this has had on our baby and family."
Local Mum of 7 month old baby boy

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Little Sleepers
Calling all sleep deprived parents! Are you tired of being tired? Whether you have a newborn or a 5 year old, a bed-refuser, cat-napper, or your baby is up every hour all night long, I have gentle, practical, creative and affordable ideas to get everyone sleeping better!

My name is Lyndsey, and I would love to hear your story and get involved in your journey towards better sleep. I'm a highly trained paediatric nurse, health visitor, IBCLC lactation consultant and qualified sleep consultant. I provide gentle and holistic family-centred sleep solutions for 0-6 year olds.

I never use cry-it-out/controlled crying 'sleep training' techniques. I will work with you to figure out and address the root cause of your sleep situation from all angles! We will cover parenting, attachment, health, diet, child development and psychology, as well as habits and behaviours.

Call, text or email me for a friendly chat! 

Lyndsey Hookway
Little Sleepers
Tel: 07764514899

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