BabyCalm, the secret to relaxed babies and mums

Throw out the books by so-called 'experts', here is a common-sense approach to baby care that promises relaxed babies and parents. Happy mummies, happy babies!


Like most first-time mums, Local Mum and doula Kirsty Nelson struggled with her baby Grace who was colicky, rarely slept and seemed to cry all the time. Kirsty finally found a solution when she discovered BabyCalm classes. Kirsty loved their calm, instinctive approach so much she now runs BabyCalm classes in her local area.

"I came across BabyCalm classes when looking for help to calm Grace," explains Kirsty. "I loved BabyCalm's ethos of helping parents-to-be and new parents understand their baby and use this knowledge to help their baby be calm and relaxed."

Unlike some popular baby 'experts' BabyCalm is backed up by evidence-based research about babies' developmental psychology. Understanding their newborns empowers mothers to confidently care for their little ones and listen to their maternal instincts. "Calmer babies lead to much happier and relaxed parents," says Kirsty. "Which is great news for everyone!" 

BabyCalm classes demonstrate powerful tools to assist calming babies including the use of babywearing, swaddling, touch therapy and the use of white noise.

Emotional withdrawal
Babies are hard work! The term 'sleeping like a baby' takes on a new meaning for many new mothers as they are surprised how little their baby seems to sleep. Add to that lengthy periods of crying and colicky symptoms and you have one stressed, tired and frazzled mummy! 

In desperation many new mums turn to so-called 'experts' who promote 'routines' and techniques that encourage an emotional withdrawal from our newborns. These techniques go completely against our maternal instincts. Amazingly, many of these 'experts' do not even have children themselves! 

Sometimes the advice given even goes against current health guidelines and can pose a real physiological harm to the baby. Not to mention the psychological impact upon the mother and the inner turmoil she feels when the advice goes against her maternal instincts.

"The question from day one that new mothers are bombarded with is how 'good' is your baby?" says Kirsty. "This translates into how much time will your baby spend quietly detached from another human being? If they don't sleep to a schedule they are regarded as a 'bad' or 'difficult' baby and we are encouraged to mould them into Society's expectations of the norm."

Empowering mothers
BabyCalm feel these books and parenting experts disempower new parents who feel they lack the natural empathy and understanding of the author, feeling the need to look to others to advise them on how to care for their own baby, when in fact the best experts are our own instincts.

"What I love about BabyCalm, as a doula," explains Kirsty, "is that they strive to help parents to not only calm and understand their babies, but to help them trust their instincts and confidently make their own parenting decisions without relying on somebody else's routines or manuals." 

"BabyCalm presents the evidence in an easy to understand way," adds Kirsty. "The classes honestly discuss the pros and cons of different approaches so that parents can feel secure in their own informed choices and have their instincts validated."

BabyCalm offers courses and workshops to assist parents-to-be and new parents achieve the calmest start. Why not give Kirsty a call and find out how you can make a calm start for you and your baby?

Local Mums' reviews of BabyCalm classes

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