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"I highly recommend Specter Enterprises Ltd to all Local Mums. They offer a completely free service for any building work you want done, finding you the best quote in London and oversee the building project for you. A great service for busy mums!”
Sara, Local Mum


Specter Enterprises Ltd 
Call us, we will be round within 24 hours, find out what works you need. Find out what you can afford then get to work on your behalf, find you the best quotes in London from our team of contractors. 

We contact our team of contractors and email you with the best 2/3 quotes and write a short review on the best quote we think you should take. We only work with contractors we feel have our morals. 

We oversee the works being done, protecting you, making sure things are done right, take pictures before and after, looking after your needs and your home.


Lino Gonclaves,
Specter Enterprises Ltd 
Mob: 07896 016036
Tel: 0203 865 7189/0203 865 7190
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