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"I highly recommend Ultimate Shape Fitness personal training and nutrition to all Local Mums.†Kasia has completely changed my relationship with exercise and food. She is a very experienced and knowledgeable trainer. Her sessions are fun and she has more than exceeded my expectations in terms of results; the sessions have given me energy; I have lost weight and its changed the way I feed myself and family. The training programme and nutritional guidance plan she gives me each month is fantastic so that I can continue my results at home in between our sessions. I can’t thank her enough so far and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for me in 2019.”
H. Wood, Local Mum

Ultimate Shape Fitness
I am a women's fitness specialist and experienced personal trainer. I have worked with lots of new mummies getting back into fitness or wanting to lose some weight.†

Holding a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science from the UK’s leading Sports Science Institute at the University of Exeter and being a certified Level 3 REPS personal trainer, I provide an advanced scientific and evidence-based approach to training and nutrition to suit you and the results you want. If you have health issues or injuries this is no problem, and even more of a reason to give personal training a go, I have several clients that I have put on rehabilitation programmes, every single one seeing fantastic results.†

I use my experience and knowledge to create bespoke training and nutrition programmes (included in all sessions) targeted to your specific goals by looking at you holistically, factoring in your lifestyle, sleep, nutrition, hydration and activity levels. I will work closely with you to educate you while achieving your goals so that you’re able to continue your progress and create a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.†

I pride myself on making every single client feel great and get fantastic results.†

I train clients one to one in a semi-private studio (809 Fulham road) and I offer a free trial session and consultation to anyone interested, no strings attached, come and see what the sessions are all about and we can have a chat about your goals and what you want out of personal training.

Do you want to get results and make a change?†

Email me†

I look forward to hearing from you,†

Women Fitness Specialist Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach

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Tel: 07779794041

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