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Play B C Preschool
Play B C is a new teacher-led preschool opening in Wallington in Autumn 2014 for children between two and five years of age.

Good preschools and playgroups have a lasting positive impact in all areas, particularly where a trained teacher is present. This means sensitive adult interaction and developmentally appropriate activities. Our well-qualified and experienced staff prioritise developing a relationship with your child and offering fun but challenging learning.

We offer more than a place. At Play B C Preschool we aim to make every day a learning adventure and be the next best thing to families. Early Years Foundation Stage learning is delivered through play in a safe and welcoming environment, underpinned by core values of respect, relationships and responsibility.

Our Core Values
Respect: We will respect and value your child and the abilities and skills he or she has.

Relationships: We will establish positive relationships with you and your child.

Responsibility: We believe your child can drive and influence his or her own learning.

Come along and see us to find out more!

Marsha Dann
Lead teacher
Play B C Preschool
Tel:†020 8088 4808
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